Youth and Children’s Film Festival Just Film is the biggest sub-festival of Tallinn Black Nights Film Festivals. It is held during the main programme – from the 13th until the 29th of November 2020. This year Just Film is celebrating its 20th jubilee.

This sub-festival was created to give kids and youngsters the possibility to experience the world through the art of film. To show them what is happening elsewhere, how people live in other countries and continents. To speak about topics that are critical in our societies and to develop their capabilities of being understanding and empathic towards others around them. And through all this, shape new-generation audiences who celebrate and hold quality films in high value and recognise the abilities of these films of creating better societies and people.

The programme consists of ~55 feature-length films that fall into different programmes – youth film programme, children’s film programme, lifestyle and sport documentaries (Doc@Just), science documentaries (Science360) and the children’s rights programme. The latter celebrating its 10 year anniversary in 2020. In 2020 Just Film is also presenting a short-film category – shorts for youth and shorts for kids.

Our main focus group is 13-25 year olds and we work very closely with schools and teachers in Estonia.

Just Film presents films in the following programmes:

International Competition programme for youth feature films

International Competition programme for children’s feature films

Non-competitive and / or informative programmes, retrospectives and special presentations

Films eligible for the programmes are feature-length (50 minutes and over) either fiction or documentary and, for the first time in Just Film history, we are looking for films in the short or half-length films (up to 45 minutes). All films must be produced after the 1st of January 2019 with a minimum requirement being their Estonian premiere.


Festival Director – Mikk Granström


Programme Coordinator – Maarit Männama