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Alfons Zitterbacke

  • Director: Mark Schlichter
  • Germany, 2019
  • 93 min

What would Alfons Zitterbacke give to be a great athlete, a super student and an astronaut, just like Alexander Gerst. Everyone seems to gang up on him. Unfair teachers, vicious classmates and a very strict father generally make life miserable for him – when out of the clear blue an aircraft competition offers the opportunity to participate in an astronaut camp and Alfons sees his chance: At last he can show the world what a brilliant inventor he is! – particularly Emilia, the new girl in class. Emilia has just moved in next door. In addition to her daily kung fu training and – much to the annoyance of Alfons’ best friend Benni – she rides to school every morning with Alfons. The only trouble is that Alfons’ rival, Nico, also decides to take part in the competition and challenges him to a dual: Are you chicken or what?


Film director Mark Schlichter and producer Nicole Kellerhalls will be attending the 17.11 screening.

adventures friendship sports thrill