Scholarship Call

Young Filmmaker Scholarship Call 2024 second round is now open!

Scholarship call for young filmmakers

This scholarship call was created to inspire school kids to make films. From 2021 the Black Nights Film Festival and the Youth and Children's film festival Just Film will be giving out scholarships to young filmmakers. The scholarship will be given out four times a year and all children and youngsters from 1st to 12th grade (from Estonian schools) are welcome to apply. Scholarship recipients get the chance to show their film at BNFF's youth and children's film festival Just Film. This is a unique opportunity for a young filmmaker to take part in an A-category film festival. In addition, the recipients have the chance to participate in the BNFF film industry section's, Industry@Tallinn & Baltic Event, international workshops and seminars.

Principles of the scholarship:

The scholarship is awarded by Swedbank, a sponsor of the Young Filmmaker Scholarship Call.

Terms for applying for the scholarship:
  1. To apply for the scholarship one must send their film script (the guide for creating a script can be found at the end of this page). There are no limitations on the genre of the film, animation ideas are also welcome. The film idea must be realistic to fulfil. The length of the film must be at least 1 minute.
  2. Friends, classmates or parents can be included in making the film. There are no limitations on the size of the filmmakers group.
  3. The scrip must be realistic - meaning that the filmmakers' group is able to actually make and finish the film. The help of a mentor/teacher/parent is allowed.
  4. The scholarship will be transferred to the recipients' bank account. If the filmmaker is younger than 16 years old, the applicant must be a teacher or a parent, to whose bank account the scholarship will be transferred. The idea proposition or script has to bw written by the student.
  5. The script must comply with the Constitution of the Republic of Estonia, other valid laws and common practices.
  6. If the filmmaker(s) has/have a mentor at school who will help with making of the film, we ask the mentor to write a short overview of why they think this idea is good and worthy of the scholarship.
  7. The scholarship call is open for all 7-19-year-olds who study in Estonian general or vocational schools.
  8. The idea proposition or script can be submitted in Estonian or Russian.
  9. To be eligible for the scholarship, the filming process cannot be started before applying.
  10. Presentation of sponsors must be coordinated in writing with the Just Film festival.
Announcing the recipients:
Scholarship amount transfer:
Rights of the recipients:
Applying for the scholarship:

Applying to the second round of 2024 is now open!

Applications can be submitted by filling out this form.

In the form you will need to write:

Guiding materials for creating a script can be found HERE

A short description of the film's storyline (1-2 sentences); – write down with 1-2 sentences what is going to happen in your future film.

For example: Mary is spending her summer at the countryside and meets a mysterious boy. Together they find a treasure under Grandma's apple tree and they start their big adventure.

A short overview of how are you planning on making the film and getting it done - please describe:

Additional information and questions about the scholarship:

Mirel Mesila
BNFF Youth and Children's Film Festival Just Film, Project Coordinator
Young Filmmaker Scholarship Coordinator
+372 5667 8867